All Wednesday Classes begin at 6:00pm & Wednesday Fellowship Meal Will Return in the Fall



Shepherding Ministry

Forming Meaningful and Helpful Bonds...

The Shepherding Ministry of New Covenant is fundamentally relational and occurs in the context of meaningful and helpful bonds formed between the members of our community. We hope to foster these kinds of relationships through a wide array of small group ministries (Men’s and Women’s Bible Studies, Prayer Groups, Doctrine of the Church Class, and Communicants Class). If you have not yet connected to one or more of these small groups, please visit the Ministries section of our website.

Even so, NCPC seeks to actively share the love of Christ with our members who need practical, emotional and spiritual support. Life includes seasons of pain, loss, sickness and crisis when the comfort and care of others is essential. Whether you are in need of meals, prayer, encouragement, counseling or pastoral advice, New Covenant is here to walk with you.


Prayer Requests:

We are called to be people of prayer. NCPC wants to encourage you to pray regularly and fervantly and understand the importance of allowing others to pray for you. We care about you and want to pray with you, so we have provided an online prayer request link. We welcome all of your prayer requests.

Praying together builds community, brings amazing strength and peace, and creates a greater dependence on the Lord Jesus Christ. Let us join with you in prayer to our sovereign Lord.